State Farm Neighborhood Assist

About the State Farm Neighborhood Assist Project
In the fall of 2014, I served as the lead UX architect on the State Farm Neighborhood Assist (SFNA) program project. The SFNA launched in 2013 as a youth-led philanthropic program to empower communities by identifying issues in their neighborhood. The program is hosted as a Facebook app, a CMS platform that enables application submissions, voting, and communications.

Update the mobile experience to include tablet breakpoints, as well as update map functionality, and refine the application and voting process

At the project kickoff, I discussed with the Account team their goals for the 2015 rollout. After reviewing the data and strategy of 2014, we saw that mobile was responsible for 50% of the voting submissions in 2014, a big jump from the previous year. I strongly urged the client to include tablet breakpoints in the next rollout to accommodate these devices. Along with the translation of tablet breakpoints, the revised wireframes included new map functionality that used “pin clusters” in areas that had high volume votes. I also streamlined the application and voting process.

After a successful run, the program saw the most successful turnout in the program’s history. It saw an 80% increase in total votes from 2013. It also saw that mobile was responsible for 73% of the votes, relative to 50% in 2014.