Neutrogena FightRight User Journey

About the Johnson & Johnson Neutrogena FightRight Campaign
Neutrogena’s Pink Grapefruit Wash would not have any product innovation releases for 2015. The ask from the client was to re-engage the audience (teenagers) and their influencers (parents) to the product and its benefits, a campaign that would carry through 2015. As the lead UX architect, I collaborated with the account and digital strategy team to find a better way to re-engage the audience with the product.

To create more product awareness and site traffic, I teamed up with the digital strategy and account team to devise a plan that would re-engage the audience through sponsored YouTube vloggers. The user would take a quiz that would offer customized product results, which would put them on the path to purchase.

In research, I noted that there was no centralized YouTube channel for their “Fight Right” campaign. Without a central Youtube brand presence, there wasn’t an effective way to incorporate the brand plus vlogger content. In brainstorming I proposed the idea of creating a Fight Right channel as well as an interactive user quiz at the end of a vlogger video. My intent was to keep the user focused on their path versus jumping from Youtube channel to a microsite for a quiz. I sketched pathways of the user journey for desktop and mobile experiences and supported them with descriptors and iconography.

With the user journey map, the account team understood the various points of entry and my reasons behind keeping the user on a focused path. This user journey was well received by the client. They decided to keep the interactive quiz but chose to execute it in a different flow.