Frigidaire Professional Campaign

About the Frigidaire Professional Project
Frigidaire wanted to appeal to their DIY customer base with a new campaign that would feature their product innovation “Frigidaire Professional” in the summer of 2015. As the lead UX/UI architect and designer, I gathered the requirements and interpreted how this content would come to life on all devices.

Create a responsive, scalable, and innovative site experience that will engage users, and create easy pathways to product awareness.

I surveyed the site’s experience to gather the current patterns, functionality, and tools. With the content in mind, I started sketching out possible flows. Through a series of white board sessions, I found the best solution: a one page scroll that would give the user an overview to the campaign and its products. The only diversion from this pattern would be the featured bloggers, a section that needed to be scalable over time as the campaign developed. To keep the user engaged with the site, I would pepper in related content to the series and products, all which would keep them focused and hopefully, on the path to purchase.

The Frigidaire Professional series has been a successful campaign for Frigidaire. The exposure from the featured bloggers and social media shares have driven a considerable amount of traffic to the site, and the campaign will continue to grow into 2016.